"Call for Project Proposals: "One Faculty One MoU" Second Round

The “One Faculty One MOU Activation” initiative seeks to provide funding for international cooperation projects, with one project allocated per department. These projects should align with the existing project proposals within each department and adhere to CMU’s policies regarding the development of activities and operations related to teaching, research, innovation, and culture in collaboration with foreign countries. 

To receive funding to support mobilization activities, the maximum amount is 300,000 baht.

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Faculty/department must have an effective cooperation agreement with foreign institutions/departments. In cases where the agreement is not yet effective, evidence-based activities conducted collaboratively on an ongoing basis must be demonstrated. 

Collaborative activities with foreign institutions/agencies should involve entities ranked in the QS Ranking or THE Ranking (in the case of educational institutions), or institutions recognized as leaders in their respective fields, demonstrating international expertise and operations. 

The faculty/department should have a history of engaging in collaborative activities with foreign higher education institutions/agencies and seek to strengthen this cooperation without limitations. These activities may include staff and student exchanges, study visits, discussion meetings, research initiatives, joint curriculum development, publication of work, joint management of intellectual property, and more. 

Collaborative academic activities must have clear objectives that align with the guidelines for operations in all six areas as outlined in the university’s development plan, Phase 13. Furthermore, these activities should be consistent with the university’s sustainable development goals, aiming to enhance global visibility and further expand the university’s expertise. 

Priority will be given to faculty/departments that did not submit a project proposal during the first call for proposals. Departments that already received budget allocations for supporting the OFOM project in the first call will be considered in subsequent rounds. 

Special consideration will be given to faculty/departments with international certifications. 

Faculty/departments selected to participate in the project will receive a budget of 300,000 baht per project, covering travel and accommodation expenses. The university will consider supporting additional expenses such as visa costs, travel insurance, souvenirs, etc. Any expenses beyond those specified will be the responsibility of the department.”


Seed Project:

Expanding the One Faculty, One MOU project’s cooperation initiatives involves preliminary activities focused on academic cooperation, research, innovation, and development. We seek funding from both internal and external sources to support these efforts. 

Activities aimed at fostering collaboration for joint ventures in academia, research, and innovation, with a focus on implementing projects that create global visibility and impact. These endeavors involve partnerships based on original agreements and mutual understanding. Matching funds can be sourced from partner agencies or external funding sources.  

Big Bang Project:

Personal to Organization (P2O

This collaborative project aims to establish a partnership with a university ranked among the world’s top 50 institutions. The university will provide financial support to align with this initiative and carry out activities in line with a new cooperation agreement with global cooperation agencies


Digital Platform

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Open for project proposals To continue cooperation with international organizations (One Faculty One MOU Activation) Round 2

One Faculty One MOU Activation provides funding for foreign cooperation projects, one project per department, which is a project proposal that the department has. and is consistent with CMU's policy to create activities/operations in teaching, research, innovation, and culture with foreign countries. To receive funding to support mobilization activities, the ...

Chiang Mai University gives importance to personnel to increase capacity and organizes the project “Foreign Skills Development for the Diplomat Network (Certified International Ambassador: CIAm).”

Chiang Mai University places great emphasis on personnel development and has organized the "Foreign Skills Development for the Diplomat Network (Certified International Ambassador: CIAm)" project. This initiative aims to enhance knowledge and understanding while developing international skills for various administrative personnel. Chiang Mai University, through the Office of International Relations, ...

The project for developing international skills for high-level executives, known as “Certified International Executive Leadership (CIEL).”

Professor Dr. Pongsak Sripanitmongkol, M.D., served as the Acting President of Chiang Mai University and presided over the opening of the "Certified International Executive Leadership (CIEL)" project. He also delivered a special lecture on the topic of "University Management Policies and the Role of the University in Driving International Affairs." ...